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Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about Progentra!

Best investment I’ve ever made!

Progentra is really everything it says on the label. I gained a whopping 2 inches in just 8 weeks. The sex drive boost was intense, too! I’ve tried about 5 different male enhancement pills, and Progentra is the first one that really worked! I just visited the site to order more pills. Definitely recommended!

Dave M

Albuquerque, NM

Progentra works better than Viagra.

I’ve been taking those blue ol pills for the last 5 years. I was so dependent on it, and I literally lost it when I can no longer afford it. Thanks to Progentra, I now have a more intense alternative to erectile dysfunction pills. Progentra gives me something that those pharma companies failed to give – a great price, sex drive, and an intense erection.

Morris O.

Salt Lake City, UT

Progentra works real fast, I can tell you that much.

In less than an hour after taking my first pill, I got an intense erection – which was way awkward since I was just on my way to work. I got to control my erection, but the intense sex drive was still there FOR HOURS. Long story short – I got it on with my assistant. No looking back now!

Bill D.

Dallas, TX

Size does make a BIG difference.

I took Progentrato make my penis bigger. I didn’t expect much, since these kind of pills only work on erections usually, and to my surprise, it really got bigger! All those people saying that size doesn’t matter have never tried using Progentra. Pleasuring women is not as difficult as it was, and personally, the sexual pleasure I feel when having sex has doubled. It’s really a different sexual feeling when you see that your partner cannot hold their pleasure. Definietly a must-have for men who love having sex!

Steven I.

Charlotte, NC

Progentra changed my sex life forever.

I never thought that I’d be 37 and divorced, but thanks to Progentra, I was able to make the most out of it. Now that I’m free to have sex with anyone, I decided to bring something more to the table. I looked up Progentra online and placed an order. In just a few weeks, I added about 2 inches to my length. Now, my confidence is at an all-time high. Picking up women is easy when you know that you have something they want.

Pete M.

Stockton, CA

Who says old guys can’t have fun? I’m pushing 50, but I’m sure I can still work it.

Thanks to Progentra, I have the sex drive of a teenager, with the penis size of a pornstar. I can’t believe they didn’t make these pills back in the day. I’ve been taking Progentra for the last 8 weeks, and it has been the best weeks of my life. Young girls apparently talk to each other about sex, and having a big penis made me a popular topic. All I can say is, young girls really like big penises.

Martin P.

Miami, FL

The best thing about Progentra is the price.

Progentra is really light on the budget without compromising its effectiveness. I’ve tried pills that cost 5 times more, but failed to deliver what Progentra is able to. If you don’t believe in penis enlargement pills, Progentra will definitely change the way you think about male enhancement. I loved it, and you should definitely try Progentra.

Drew O.

Phoenix, AZ

Progentra is my first choice.

I’ve never had any male enhancement supplements, but once I read through the science behind Progentra, I was thoroughly convinced. I have a degree in biochemistry, and I thoroughly understand every point represented on the website. I bought a bottle knowing fully what I should expect, and I got everything and more. From the science to execution, Progentra is flawless. I would definitely recommend Progentra to anyone who is looking for an effective male enhancement supplement.

Jason M.

Green Bay, WI

Progentra is the first penis enlargement pill that worked for me.

I spent hundreds of dollars on penis pumps and creams, but none seem to work. I read up on penis enlargement pills, and decided that Progentra was at the top when it comes to the science and the reviews. I bought a pack of 3s and took it regularly for 6 weeks. I’m now 2 inches longer, and my penis got a lot thicker too! For all the gentlemen reading this, stop spending your money on useless pumps. Progentra is the real deal!

Matt B.

Denver, CO

I mixed Progentra with my husband’s daily multivitamin.

We’ve had many bedroom problems before. Sometimes he can’t get it up, and sometimes I just anticipate that I won’t get satisfied. That was a real hurdle for us. I decided to do something about it. I read about Progenra reviews, and I was thoroughly convinced that Progentra is safe for my husband to try. I mixed it with his daily supplement and with just the first dose, it felt that we were having sex for the first time again. It was intense, sweaty, and hot. Now, we do not have a dull moment in the bedroom, all thanks to Progentra!

Layla D.

Baltimore, MD

Progentra is a frat guy’s fantasy.

You won’t believe the amount of girls you get while in college. At times you get 2, 3, but you don’t have the stamina for that. Thanks to Progentra, me and my bros have all night to have fun. You would not believe how long we last. At times, we get to have sex with as many girls as we want, as much as we want. Plus, taking Progentra has made my dick bigger. It’s really a fantasy turned into reality for me and my boys.

Brad K.

Los Angeles, CA